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Individual Counseling

I work with individuals who struggle with weight concerns, eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image, and self-esteem struggles. Have you ever felt like you will never be happy in your own skin? Schedule an individual session and we will get to work!

Individual sessions generally last 45-60 minutes and are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on individual need. Individual sessions are 100$.

Couples Counseling

Are your body issues and eating disorder impacting your relationships? They often do. Do you wish your spouse, partner, or significant other knew how to support you better? Or are you the loved one of someone that you feel struggles with these issues and you want to know how to help? Are your body image issues impacting your sex life? Schedule a couples session today and we will work to rebuild what your eating disorders and/or body shame has broken!

Couples sessions are 90 minutes and are weekly, bi- weekly, or monthly depending on the couple’s needs. Couples sessions are 150$.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is where I really get passionate! No one person exists outside of a family system and everything that we do impacts that system. Is your family desperately struggling to support someone with an Eating Disorder? Do you feel like your family life is revolving around an eating disorder? We can work through this. My goal is to use every family’s natural strengths to help equip them to deal with whatever issues they are facing. I do not look for fault or play the blame game and I operate from the perspective that everyone is doing their very best!

Family sessions generally last 90 minutes and are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on each family’s unique needs.Family sessions are 150$.


We offer several groups throughout the year. Groups are generally one day a week for an hour and can include 4-12 people, depending on the subject and structure of the group. We will work hard in group and be a support for one another. Some of the groups we will offer this year:

Individual Eating Disorder Support Groups- Ongoing year round group. Tuesdays @ 4:30pm. Currently enrolling with 1 space available.
Family Support Groups- Facilitated by Melodye Phillips, LPC- Space available. Next group January, 27th-March 10th. Saturdays @ 9:30-11am. Group Currently Enrolling.
Adolescent Eating Disorder Support and Skills Groups- Ongoing year round group. Tuesday @ 6:30pm.
Adult Body Positivity and Self Esteem Groups- Ongoing Year Round group. Thursday @ 12pm. Currently enrolling. All groups cost between 40-50$ per group session or a rolling 175$ per month fee. Call today to ask any questions or reserve your spot in one of our groups.

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